Manifesto for the Sixth Society

sixth society (sɪksθ səˈsaɪ.ə.ti) noun the latest evolution in human society: 1) agriculture, 2) money, 3) writing, 4) industry, 5) internet, 6) web3.

If you had invested $10,000 in Google at its beginning, you would have $208 million in cash today.

So, why you didn’t?

First of all, because you didn’t know about this opportunity.

For years, most benefits of the internet boom were exclusive to a few venture capitalists, and in Silicon Valley.

Today, it’s happening again!

The new internet – Blockchain and Web3 – is a $16 trillion industry, and yet most opportunities are reserved for a few insiders.

Yes, you can make some profit trading crypto (or lose it all when a token collapse).

But you don’t get access to the next Google or the next Amazon until it’s too late, or – worse – a scam.

So, what can we do about it?

We should stop waiting for access, and grab it from the source.

We should share knowledge and opportunities among pairs.

That’s exactly why we need Sixth Society.

We should build a community of daring entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders, and go straight to the source of these new market opportunities.

No middlemen.

Even better. We need to ‘build things’.

No hard-to-use technology. No crypto trading without building value. No building following the hype.

We should bring the blockchain to traditional businesses: tokenizing real estate, improving e-commerce, banking, and much more.

Yes, we should build web3 native projects as well. But this industry will never become mainstream if we build for geeks alone.

We know how to do it, because we have already done it before.

We are dealing with the blockchain since 2013, but we were already entrepreneurs quite before that.

It’s time to make the blockchain mainstream for businesses.

It’s time to leave a dent in history.


With the Sixth Society.

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