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We are a community of daring entrepreneurs and investors, looking to lead the crypto-Web3 industry of the future.

Each member gets superpowers

Why Sixth Society

Dr. Stefano Tresca
General Partner, Cryptoric

If you had invested $10,000 in Google in the beginning, you would have $208 million in cash today.

So, why didn’t you?

First of all, because you didn’t know about that opportunity.

For years, most benefits of the internet boom were exclusive to a few venture capitalists and in Silicon Valley.

Today, it’s happening again!

The new internet – Blockchain and Web3 – is a $6 trillion industry, and yet most opportunities are reserved for only a few insiders.

This is why Sixth Society was born! To provide back its members with the opportunities they deserve.

Volker Hartzsch
2x Exit Entrepreneur & Investor

We all have heard about the 1st mover advantage; however being the first might not be enough anymore.

You also need to be ready for mass marketing, and offer benefits to many, not just a few.

Sixth Society is exactly this, half networking half innovation labs, a real chance to own more, more life, more money, more control, more business.

Each member has access to next generation technology before the general public. This is one of those rare opportunities that appears once in your lifetime, if you are lucky!

And it’s easy to use, built for business, not for geeks.

Elisa Giudici
CEO, Impact Investing in Tech

Let’s be straight.

In the crypto industry it’s hard to access the real deals until it’s too late (or worse, a scam.)

Finding information is hard and time consuming; often impossible for an outsider.

That’s why I joined Sixth Society. We don’t wait for access, we grab it from the source!

No middlemen, and no hard-to-use technology.

Looking for an introduction? Find events and members in your LinkedIn network.

sixth society (sɪksθ səˈsaɪ.ə.ti) noun The latest evolution in human society: 1) agriculture, 2) money, 3) writing, 4) industry, 5) internet, 6) web3.

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Build Your Tribe

SuperPower #1

Welcome to the next generation of community building and affiliation.

Invite your network to join your tribe. No code required,  just a tap on your mobile.

Get rewarded for your participation and for building your tribe. 

Get commissions for any member introductions, paid to your wallet (immediately, automatically, and transparently by smart contract.)

It’s YOUR tribe. It will work even if we all decide to close Sixth Society. That’s the beauty of the blockchain.

Other people build communities, we are building tribes with a strong culture and the goal to be part of something bigger than yourself!

Lead at the crossroad of networking, investors' club, and innovation labs.

Pick & choose what is best for you

Get the Ultimate Master Key

SuperPower #2

Every member receives an NFT master key with real utility.

Access physical events without buying tickets.

Access online conferences without reservation.

Access digital contents without subscription.

Use it. Keep it. Collect it. It's yours. Forever!

You may have heard of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) as digital pictures of funny monkeys and weird pieces of art.

This is NOT what you’ll find here. We aim to use the full potential of Web3, and so will you.

When you become a member, you’ll receive a tokenized master key — a next generation pass specifically built for the incoming New World.

You’ll be able to access physical events without buying tickets, online conferences without reservation, and digital content without subscription.

Do you have a Member's Introduction

Not just another community. We build wealth, and get access.

Enjoy the power of an in-house Innovation Labs

Access the Innovation Labs

Even more superpowers

We are not another membership that overspends on fancy brochures and board’s dinners. At core, we are entrepreneurs and builders.

A big part of the profit goes to the Innovation Labs, building tools and wealth for the members. It’s a great time to leave a dent in the universe.

Get next generation tools FREE. From calculating your cryptocurrency taxes with a click (and seeing how to reduce them for next year), to getting corporate wallets for your business, and much more. Free for members.

Access business before anyone else. Sometimes, the innovation spins-off into a separate business. From tokenized real estate, to next gen loyalty programs. Get access as a user or an investor, exactly as you like.

Freeride the Labs' advisory. Sometimes, the Lab helps other businesses with its expertise. In exchange, the business offers our members favourable conditions and early access to its fundraising.

Easy-to-use by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Every tool built by the Innovation Labs aims to be easy-to-use and built for business, not for geeks.

Some opportunities from the Labs
E-commerce & Loyalty

Tokenized Loyalty Program & Cashback for Shopify and e-Commerce.

A $13 trillion market introduced to the blockchain. Cashback, vouchers, rewards, birthday presents, and much more – all moved to crypto. Upgrade any Shopify store and reward customers in your own token or in crypto.

Open to All Members
Business & Corporate

Corporate Wallet with Multisignature.

400 million small and medium enterprises need an easy-to-use wallet built specifically for companies – with multi-sign, cash flow, accounting tracking, and much more. Crypto will never become mainstream, until we build with entrepreneurs in mind.

Open to member's vote
DeFi & Passive Income

Automated Passive Income Software and Affiliate Program

The software automatically deposits (“stakes”) crypto looking for the best interest rate in the market. In the meantime, the affiliate program shares with you any revenue generated from your introductions automatically, immediately, and transparently by smart contract. Next generation tech and traditional strategies meet on the same project.

Open to new members on 2022 Q4

NFT Membership Cards with Real Utility

Build an NFT community for your organization. Use the NFT membership cards to provide access to events and online contents, assign rewards, organize secure and no-cost voting, share revenue, and much more – all done easily from your mobile.

Open to All Members

Access the Innovation Labs


What is Sixth Society?

We offer an invite-only membership for entrepreneurs, leaders, and investors with an interest in the Blockchain industry. We provide community, knowledge, networking, and much more.

Since you are into Blockchain, do you offer your own crypto coin?

We don’t issue or sell cryptocurrencies. In fact, we suggest our members be extremely careful about buying cryptocurrencies and tokens. Blockchain is much more than trading crypto. It’s a new internet full of possibilities for real businesses. Unfortunately, like any wealthy market, it’s also full of scams and bad projects. The more your knowledge grows, the more you can avoid bad choices.

Can I purchase a membership online?

We only consider prospective members introduced by an existing member. If you are introduced, we’ll meet in a discovery call, so we can be confident that you will be happy with your membership, as much as we are with your participation. It may look complex, but it’s how we have built a great and enjoyable community with the highest quality of members. If you don’t know any existing member, contact us to find local members and events.

Are you a VC or investment fund?

We are a membership, not a fund. During our networking events, you’ll meet many early-stage startup companies and projects. You don’t have to invest in any of them, and we will never act as a broker. If you are interested, and the local laws allow you to invest, you can invest in the startups directly. We want to give you the best tools we can so that you can do your homework.